Friday, September 3, 2010

Glass Half Full

I have a dear friend that is going through a tremendously difficult experience. I love her example of taking a picture everyday of something wonderful to remind her of the good that happens each day in her life. She has always been such an example to me of optimism and working to see life as a "glass half full." It could be easy for her to focus on the part of life that is empty right now but I will be eternally grateful for her determination to be positive and filled with faith. Thank you Y M for your continued source of inspiration. I am blessed to have you for a friend. You remind me that there are two ways to look at something. Either you can dwell on losing a roommate or gaining a closet. You've chosen to focus on gaining a closet.

1 comment:

yvonne said...

there's a country song that says i'm licking my saucer cuz my cups running over....with the many wonderful people in my life that's just how i feel. thanks for being one of those people!