Monday, April 28, 2014

Live Lucky

I have a few of these hats only because I Kev brings them home after visiting the company headquarters. It is one of the companies that we have invested in and so we get them for free. Because nothing in my life isn't analyzed, I had to decipher the meaning of living lucky. Initially I just assumed that living lucky would mean that life just happens to us and sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we aren't. With this kind of belief, it has nothing to do with our intentions or actions and so I would think that to declare we are just lucky would mean we are just pawns that are affected by the events around us.

No, there really isn't such a thing as luck. I believe what happens in our lives is a result of choices. Ours or someone's. Good results are created by good choices. We don't just have a good day. We have to make a good day even if what someone else choose or what randomly happens seems to bring us either good or bad luck.

I wrote and saved this awhile ago but didn't post it. This morning I got bombed by what was obviously a very large bird. It hit my head and I thought the sky was falling. Luckily (yes it seemed like luck) I had on my hat and so it didn't get in my hair. Out of all the places it couldn't have landed, I guess I was lucky it hit my lucky hat.

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