Saturday, April 5, 2014

Going Up to the Mountain

I usually post random pictures I find on google images. Today I used my own photographs from my Saturday morning hike to celebrate my return to the mountain.

I have always lived just below these mountains and each Saturday morning in the early Spring until as late in the Fall as I can, I enjoy hiking up and experiencing not only a great physical workout but also an incredibly spiritual encounter.

The first photograph was taken from my car as I left my home. The second and third pictures are on the trail up the mountain. The final picture is the spot where I stop, sit, and give thanks for all that I am so blessed with. I am grateful for a magnificent place to come and commune with nature, which automatically puts me in touch with God. I am grateful for a physical body that allows me that labor-intensive experience, even though I am breathing like Darth Vader on the way up.

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