Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finding my artistic voice

So...I feel that buried deep inside me is an artist waiting to break free, and I am courageously going to unlock the door and see what escapes. I already know that as I start to freely fly that I must follow that which my heart draws me to.

Last week I started a water color class feeling that is a good place to start. What I discovered as I was mixing the primary colors to create new colors is a pull back to my childhood when I first read the golden book, The Color Kittens. That simple book created a fascination at a early age with colors and the concept of the color wheel was permanently etched in my mind and heart. It was thrilling to recapture a childhood passion and I knew I was coming home.

Today I was at the second watercolor class instinctively being drawn to painting flowers and other natural settings and wondering for what purpose I want to paint and what I will do with my artwork. I  realize that knowing I am taking an art class, my children might be filled with anxiety anticipating framed amateur watercolor paintings as their Christmas gifts instead of the usual cash. I already kiddingly warned them of such. Imagine their thrill...

Luckily in the middle of the night I wake up and started to follow wherever my heart leads. I have just been led to Art Journaling. I know that I have already have a love of journal writing and so now I can combine it with my new artistic expression and create a journal filled with thoughts and artwork. Voila! I get to create something I can enjoy and my kids can be saved from having to scramble to retrieve the dreaded artwork from a hiding place and put it on the wall when I come visit.

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yvonne said...

hey, will i get a chance to see your art journal? i'm intrigued! we need to talk about this.