Monday, April 21, 2014

We can do it all, but shouldn't

I realize I am capable of doing a lot and I am independent enough to be able to do quite a bit all by myself. But if I do that then I don't allow other people to step up to the plate and do their part. I thus rob them of the reward of contribution and service.

I know that it is sometimes my perfectionism that wants things done a certain way and so I am tempted to want to do it by myself. I am also reluctant to ask for help because I am  capable and thus not wanting to impose on others. I have also been refused help and so I can get timid about asking and then just think I need to get more organized and work harder.  And even if it is overwhelming at times, I do realize that I can be then be somewhat addicted to the "poor me" attitude of martyrdom. 

But when I give all of that up and not only allow other people to help me but expect them to, I not only lighten my load but create a synergistic interdependence that sustains relationships and that can accomplish so much more. It is also a great discovery to realize most people do naturally want to help if given the chance.

Yes, we as strong women can do it and do it all; but we shouldn't.