Saturday, April 12, 2014

Going Beyond the Mark

Sometimes I go overboard. I try to do too much and I  make things more extreme than they ought to be. This picture is a little creepy but sends a powerful message. Always remember, a little is good but things can always get carried away if I don't check myself.

I am grateful for the checks and balances in my life. Some say that the dos and don'ts offered up in commandments or other directions by wise leaders can be restrictive and too authoritarian. Eventually I hope that my inner guide works the best, but those external suggestions and even mandates can be a great guide to keep me from getting too carried away. That slippery slop of self deception can get me to a point I don't really want to be.

One of my best checks and balances are the brutal honesty of my daughters. They will always keep me in check as long as I welcome their honest feedback.

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