Friday, April 18, 2014

Power of our Subconscious Mind

I have been listening to this book on tape while driving in my car. In essence, what we have programmed ourselves to believe in our subconscious mind plays out in our conscious experience.

I have become aware that my "I am" statements are programming my subconscious mind and then I just naturally live up to the expectation.

If I say "I am not artistic" then I simply won't be able to access artistic capabilities because it will go against my programming. If I say "I am not disciplined" then I can only try and white knuckle some control only to finally fail and live up to my subconscious expectation (or should I say live down to).

I guess I am just like a computer. I have to be programmed for good results. I am reprogramming. I am artistic. I am disciplined.

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