Monday, April 7, 2014

Too Many Requirements?

I love the admonition in Thessalonians 3:13. “Be not weary in well doing.” I have been thinking a lot about the complaint of some people that our church has too many requirements. I have to believe that when we feel like it is too much, we have to have the wisdom and inspiration to know what is needful for us personally and pull back when necessary.

So much of what I have done that has brought me stress has been done out of stroking my own ego and not out of genuinely serving. That is priestcraft and no wonder I feel stressed and resentful for what is expected of me. It is because I am doing things for the wrong reason and to please the wrong people.

What I really know is that my Heavenly Father doesn’t expect more of me than I can handle and that the overdoing is of my own creation because of a sick need to prove myself to others and live up to their expectations instead of His. Overdoing and stressing about something isn’t something my Father expects of me, it is what my cursed ego expects. If I ever feel the expectations pulling me down, just know it is really the requirements of my own ego and not what God asks of me. Give up my own ego and I can better give up the stress of what is required and thus I can serve with more righteous purpose and ease.

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You're the smartest person I know