Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift From the Sea

I just reread this book and it has even more meaning for me now that it did when I read it as a young mom. It is a book that deserves to be read with a pen in hand to do my own writing and reflection while reading her writing and reflection. The messages from this book can be life changing if only I can capture the inspiration in my very soul where my life will naturally reflect the new learning, new beliefs, and desire for living life in a whole new way.

It is interesting to me that she wrote this book in the very year of my birth, as if she knew that at the start of my life I would eventually need this kind of message to guide me. She knew early on that I would need help. I am now reading it again at about the age she was when she wrote it. I feel such a infinite connection with her as if I knew her and she knows me, and we made some sort of agreement of what she would offer me and I in turn offer others. (Okay that might sound like I am in touch with dead people, which I'm not, in case you're worried, I am close to the edge of insanity but haven't fallen all the way over quite yet!)  Anyway, my offering is that you read this book and find your stillness in the center--your inner core. I offer this book as a vehicle for you to do your own soul searching and writing about what it prompts you to belief, think, and eventually do.  I also know that my humble and inadequate offering is also to write and share like she did, realizing of course, that I am not nearly as gifted with the use of words and imaginary as she was. At least you don't have to pay to read my writing, so remember, you get what you pay for!

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