Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Move Out of Pain

Sometimes I get so used to the pain of poor posture that I start to think pain is normal. While swimming this morning I noticed how much pain I feel when my neck and head are in the wrong place. It is a pain that I have grown accustomed to and so I just suffer without thinking of making that small adjustment that relieves the pain. Kind of like I tend to do in life. I can get so use to doing things that aren't that rewarding and maybe a little painful but since I am use to a little misery because of that false belief that I have to be self sacrificing to be "worthy," I just endured without considering I could move out of pain.  I must have believed that "Men are that they might have joy" but we women need to SUFFER.  I guess I must have believed that pain of childbirth that Eve was "blessed" with had to last throughout my life.

I am now converted to a new belief.  I can move out of pain and be a good person. In fact, I was created to have joy.  Pain is telling me something needs to change and is NOT something I should ever just get use to. Every time I do a posture check to relieve the physical pain, I will remember to keep doing that in all aspects of my life. 

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