Thursday, November 15, 2012


After a friend read my roller coaster post, she sent me a text worried about me. In response I told her no need to worry, I am fine, but I wanted to share an epiphany that I had AGAIN. Yes, I am in the remedial life course and it takes a lot of repetition for me.

I realized that I have gotten so use to the adrenalin rush from the roller coaster ride, that I might have become somewhat addicted to it. Yes, as this definition says, I have developed a sick liking for it; and because of that desire,  I might be attracting the wild ride in order to feed that addiction.

What this realization does for me is first and foremost put me in a position of facing the truth about myself which is humbling and calls for the need to seek forgiveness and course correction by drawing on the strength of my Savior to heal.  It really leads to assuming more personal responsibility, drawing on the Atonement to overcome, and ultimately resulting in more personal power and freedom.  It is only when I acknowledge that I am not the victim but the driver of my own ship, that I am able to take the helm and allow my Father to direct me as I find healthy and productive ways to find fulfillment. Writing in this blog being one of them.  I will reserve the roller coaster ride to my visits to the amusement parks.

There you have it; my true confession. Yesterday I had over hundred hits to my blog. I hope this helps someone out there who might be having their own struggle.


Lisa said...

Wow! May I share this at one of our Addiction Recovery Meetings? This is very insightful and inspiring.

Tanya said...

Definitely, Lisa!!