Monday, November 19, 2012

Prayer-The Best Stabilizer

It really goes without saying, but prayer is the best stabilizer to rescue any of us from our addictions. Even one as seemingly mild as mine. I realize that one of the steps in overcoming a addiction is reliance on a higher power. In that way, an addiction can really be a blessing because it turns us to God. It is so much better if we can always turn to our Heavenly Father in the good times, but it does seem to be a fact of human nature that we can become complacent when life is easy and think we are okay on our own. It is in the desperate or painful times that we know we can't and that force us on our knees to call out for help. That is a blessing that addicts have that anyone free of addictions don't. But let's face it, I think we all suffer from some sort of addiction.

My personal quest is to always remember (something I am reminded of each week at church) that I need His Spirit to be with me to stabilize my life and to put my trust in my Savior and not some substitute that will only give me a temporary euphoric feeling. I will continue to turn to prayer throughout the day because it is so easy to jump back on that roller coaster ride and get that sick thrill. I will continue to seek His love and peace that is my great stabilizer.

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