Monday, December 17, 2012

Close Encounter with a Star

I saw this magazine cover and I had to take a picture and reflect on my little encounter with Jamie Lee Curtis that relates to her fears. Years ago, my kids and I took a little snorkeling cruise on a catamaran in Hawaii. There were only about 15 people on the boat and one of them was Jamie Lee Curtis and her husband and daughter. Her daughter was about the same age as my daughter Courtney and Jamie's daughter was afraid to get in the water.  My daughter and her sister that is 5 years younger bravely went out and snorkeled. My sons were also diving off the boat and one did a back flip. Jamie commented to me that she was surprised at how brave my children were.  I found it interesting that this magazine cover talked about tackling her fears. Maybe my children inspired bravery!!

I also have to share the other interesting thing that happened on that little cruise with Jamie (first name basis, you know). I was sitting by her on a bench as we ate lunch and she called out to our whole group that it was so fun being with us she wouldn't mind getting stranded with us on Gilligan's Island. I quickly claimed that I would be Ginger, and she responded that she would be Mary Ann. It took me months to realize my faux pas.  What was I thinking? I claimed the star status with a genuine star and relegated her to the country girl, which is the obvious role for me. Forgive me Jamie. You can be Ginger.

PS She was as nice and down-to-earth as can be. 

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