Friday, November 23, 2012

Running Up Stairs

Here's a simple joy for you. I love running up stairs, and on the landing half way up the staircase in our home is this magnificent view from the window.  Not only do I get a little thrill from the view but I also get a little kick out of the fact that I CAN run up stairs. One reason is that I grateful that I am physically fit enough to do so but also because when I was a teenager, I would have to consciously stop myself from running up stairs. You see I was sick of being too skinny and being told that if I stick out my tongue and turn sideways that I would look like a zipper. Not the mention the guy that brought a bundle of toothpicks tied with an elastic and handed them to me telling me to have a family reunion, and so I read an article about how to gain weight and one of the suggestions was not to run up stairs.

Now that I have valiantly overcome that weight issue and actually gone overboard, I now want to run up stairs and need to do so in order to keep from escalating the weight gain. It is also fun because since my dog goes wherever I go, we have a little race as I run up the stairs with JOY (Joy isn't the dog, just the feeling)!                   

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