Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I've been slacking off on my blog posts. Between a new grandson, my comedy debut, and homework, not to mention the thousands of recipes I pin on pinterest that I will never have time to cook; I have neglected my blog and I miss it. I do still write daily in my personal journal but there is just something about writing for an audience that is especially therapeutic for me. It is a great motivation to observe and think more deeply and to try and write with more clarity. I have volumes of journals that I know will never be read (heck my children are bored with me in person, why would they read about me) and so I don't have to be careful what I write.

Today I especially had a great nugget of truth come my way. I ran into an old friend and she shared something profound. We were talking about how some of the most painful experiences can be so beneficial, and she told me about an meeting that Mitt Romney had with President Hinckley when he decided to run for office four years ago. Mitt said that Pres. Hinckley told him that if he won the election, it would be a great experience. He said that if he lost the election, it would also be a great experience. It is good to remember that even if things don't turn out the way we want them to that it can be a good experience.

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