Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mistakes can be Good

For me, making a mistake is my best teacher. The material I remember the most in my statistics class are the problems I get wrong the first time. When I get a chance to go back and figure it out again and correct what I did wrong, it is that information I seem to learn at a deeper level. Good thing because I always find that people love to chat about statistics (I trust you detect the sarcasm).

Same way with life. When I get something right the first time, there isn't that gut-retching feeling that comes with the regret resulting in a lesson not soon forgotten. Thank goodness life is like my statistics class. My professor lets us keep retaking assignments and quizzes until we get the score that we want, and in the process, I understand it a whole lot more. A really gifted teacher lets us learn from our experience in the same way.

Just try it. Make a big mistake and then see how much deeper the learning experience is rather than when you get it right the first time. Trust me, I should know.

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