Saturday, April 7, 2012

Opportunity Comes Knocking

So one day I decided that I needed to dust off my funny side (should I say, scraping off because it is that buried) and do some kind of comedy. I grew up loving Carol Burnett and was flattered when a high school teacher said I reminded him of her. I would have preferred Rachel Welch but I'll settle. When I was in college, Saturday Night Live started and I dreamed of being on that show and doing skits. I often watch sitcoms and think, I would love to do that.

The very next day after making that decision to myself, I got an email from Time Out For Women about the video contest "Pretty Darn Funny." Immediately I realized that this was a serious manifestations of what I wanted, and I knew right away that I needed to seize the opportunity. I have learned from sad experience that if I don't take advantage of opportunities that they won't keep coming. So right away I made my video.

But then I chickened out and kept thinking I needed to perfect the video or at least have a face lift before filming. Well, as often happens with me, I got distracted and for a few weeks ignored the opportunity. It wasn't until the last couple of days left until the deadline to enter did I just boldly send in the video without looking at it again because I knew I wouldn't think it was perfect enough. (perfectionism holds me back continutally!)

Since I was far behind in any voting, I knew that I had to advertize myself. Again, something that was beyond my comfort zone. Well I did it without worrying about what people would think because I knew that it was just a little something I was meant to do. It was heartwarming to realize how many people would help me. It was something I really didn't believe I deserved to be supported in.

It really doesn't matter if I win, although I would like to give the trip to one of the people that has been so supportive. The important thing that came from this little experience is that I decided what I wanted, followed my heart and did something that was a little risky. I think that I am now healed from the terrible wound of my 7th grade election loss (heck, I didn't even get in the finals!).

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