Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visualizing Versus Doing

They (they are that group of people with lab coats and clipboards holed up in a laboratory somewhere) say that your mind can't tell the difference between when you visualize doing something and actually doing it. For example, studies show that someone imagining shooting free throw shots in basketball and someone actually doing the practicing will perform later pretty much the same.

I find that true for my life. I realize that I can imagine doing something so vividly that later I don't really know if I actually did it or not. Like all the thank you notes that I have pictured myself doing, later I don't know whether or not I actually wrote and sent them and so I am troubled about sending one because for all I know I will duplicate the note and guarantee my crazy diagnosis. And if the benefits for imagining and actually doing are the same, then just know if you didn't get that note, I have still reaped the reward. There, that should make you happy.

It is that way with this blog. Sometimes I don't know the difference between whether I just thought about writing something and when I actually wrote about it. I know I've said this before, but because I am too lazy to read back and find out for sure, I will just go ahead and re post or post a thought for the first time, whatever it is. Just know that I am not crazy but just a vivid imaginator (not really a word but if Arnold can be the terminator, then why not?) who can con myself into thinking I already did something or not. Confused? Welcome to my world. Just know that if I repeat myself, there is a valid reason and I am not as clueless as I appear. Let's just pretend.

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