Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gratitude Practice

One of a suggested exercise for practicing gratitude is to think about something that is coming to an end and think and write about how grateful I am for having had it.

Living in our current home is coming to an end, and I am immensely grateful for this home and all the memories it holds. Even some of the bad memories because I can now laugh at or learn from them. I am grateful for how this home has blessed our family. It is interesting that when I know that I am leaving something behind, how much better it looks and how much more I appreciate it.

We are currently building our third home, and what I experienced in the past while building a new home was how easy it was to start to be frustrated with the current home in anticipation of having something better. But with a more grateful mindset, I can see and appreciate this home and not feel as anxious to move on. Feeling and experiencing gratitude is such a blessing because it helps me find joy in the moment by completely appreciating the here and now.

Thinking about and appreciating this home has made me realize I had better take lots of pictures before I move so that I can still look at the places that hold some of my best memories. Something tells me the new owners wouldn't appreciate me breaking in to sit in rooms or doing a little window peeking, but I could be wrong. 

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