Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Do what is right for you

This morning I ran across a list of 7 things to do in the morning that have scientifically been proven to make people happier. It is a great list and certainly has some interesting suggestions but you have to know this about scientific studies. They find our what is statistically the best thing for possibly 95% of those randomly studied. But you or I might be what they call an outlier. We might fall into that 5% statistic.

With that understanding, it can be beneficial to see what works best for the majority of people, but it is always good to be aware and in tune with what works best for me. To realize that what is good for someone doesn't necessarily work as well for me.

Your and mine mission--should we decide to accept it--is to find that which is right for each of us individually. And then give others the space to discover that for themselves. One of the many mistakes I have made is to automatically assume what is best for me is also best for everyone and then judge others according to my standards. Not so. Just because getting up at the crack of dawn with a perky and enthused attitude ready to conquer and change the world works for me doesn't mean it should also work for that lazy, good for nothing, slop of a person who sleeps until noon. (Whoops, that might have sounded a tad judgmental and maybe ever so slightly self righteous. Sorry.)

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