Saturday, August 29, 2015

Addicted to Church?

Someone recently told me that I am addicted to church. It might seem like that but I know that I am really addicted to finding truth and of course drawing closer to my Heavenly Father, and in church I find true principles that I want to live by and I feel His Spirit more abundantly. I also get to rub shoulders with people who are striving for that same truth and way of living.

Positive psychology research has found the benefit of a social network such as organized religion in focusing on the lifestyle choices that support healthy well being and happiness. Individual spirituality is a worthy pursuit but being involved in a organized religion is even more valuable.

Of course in a church setting and especially in a church where neighbors all go to church together and then can watch each other on a daily basis practice trying to live those principles and often falling short, it is easy to say that churches are full of hypocrites.

It would be easier to go to a church miles away from our neighbors and then only see them at their Sunday best. There would be less temptation to judge or be judged. I, however, am grateful that I get a chance to know that we are all doing the best we can and that even when we fail, we can learn from our experience and get a chance to heal because of the Atonement. I can be humbled by the fact that my church-going neighbors see my flaws, and I can have more compassion when I see theirs.

I do want to add that my search for true principles has also taken me back to school and on a continually quest to read good books and listen to inspiring talks by a variety of sources from all walks of life. Learning truth and trying to be a better person is my addiction. It is going to take an eternity.

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