Monday, January 2, 2012

Swimming and loving it!

This morning I headed off to the pool and discovered that everyone else was starting the year off determined to exercise. But that wasn't my intent. I was there because swimming makes me happy, and I am keeping my one resolution.

So, according to my new resolution; I wanted to start my day doing something that makes me feel great and the whole hour that I swam, I thought about what it is I love about swimming. First off, I love that I have a stylish swim cap that matches my swim suit (as stylish as I can get looking like a cone head). Even with swim wear I have to be matchy matchy (sorry Stacy) and that gives me a little thrill (yes, dull life).

I don't know the physic's explanation of what happens to my body when I am in water, but my stomach just sucks in like no other. Call me shallow, but it is a great feeling to feel that skinny, and this benefit is more noticeable since we just got the photos from my daughter's wedding and I forgot to suck in. Not a pretty sight. I should live in water or at least have all pictures taken in water.

The other thing is that with my ears under water, there is no sound and I am enveloped in a quiet hollowness that allows me to think deeply. Trust me, it is not that I am having profound epiphanies, but it is a quiet solitude that I feel in no other setting. It is awesome.

I also love how swimming forces me to breathe deeply and in a steady rhythm, in which I never feel out of breath. I also love that I walk away only smelling like chlorine and not a dirty gym. Lastly, I walk away feeling so physically incredible, and emotionally satisfied knowing that for that hour, I kept my resolution and had a great time.

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