Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Excuses!

I am going to repeat a saying I keep having to remind myself of. "No matter how valid the excuse, it doesn't change performance."

The theme for this season's Biggest Loser is "No More Excuses." I also happened to catch a program the other night on educational TV in which Wayne Dyer was speaking about "Excuses Begone." Seems like someone is trying to tell me something.

Just like in physical health, the excuses for not being healthy are not going to change the fact that we will have health problems. Excuses don't change performance and they won't change the negative consequences we suffer from.

I am not going to focus on excuses, and I am not going to enable others by feeding into their excuses. I am really clear about the fact that the excuses keep me from focusing on my responsibility and enabling others to dodge their responsibility, and ultimately could keep me from the need to repent and rely on the Atonement to overcome and improve and deny others that same opportunity.

Excuses are really a way to keep me from drawing close to my Savior. So when we say the devil made me do it, we really are saying the devil wants us to make excuses. In keeping with my new year's resolution to enjoy everyday and make it the best it can be, I am keenly aware how much better I feel when I give up excuses and improve and allow others to also.

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