Sunday, January 22, 2012

It is the Little Things

Greater awareness opens the door to seeing all the joy in the little things.
The great feeling after unloading at the D.I.
The sense of contentment realizing I can see something really cool in a store and know I don't have to own it, dust it, store it, and later take it to the D.I.
Grandkids who get so excited and run and hug me when they see me. (wait, that is in the category of a big thing)
Sliding in between newly washed sheets.
Figuring out how to work a statistics program in school.
Running up the stairs and just being grateful I can.
Feeling utter peace as I stop and take a deep cleansing breath.
Opening the refrigerator and realizing there is a container from a restaurant to eat for lunch. (I actually eat what is inside the container and not the container, in case you're wondering)
Driving up my street with a gorgeous view of the majestic mountains.
Working in the kitchen and catching a glimpse of a breathtaking sunset.
Having a scripture or a thought randomly show up just when I need it and just knowing things in my life are orchestrated for my good if I take time to notice.
Realizing that the things I learn in school are just what I needed to know.
Getting a little message in my head that tells me to bite my tongue. (Once again, a big thing for those who know me!)
Having a cute little gratitude app on my phone where I can write something I am grateful for and add a picture.
Another deep cleansing breath knowing I am on the right track being more aware and more grateful.

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