Thursday, December 16, 2010

Summerhaze Ward's Got Talent

Can I say that I think I live in one of the best wards. Tonight was our Relief Society Christmas Dinner and it was "fabulous dahling." We have so much talent and women that are so fun to be with. During the program we laughed and we cried and I giggled with cute Julie (who is half my age) that I sat next to during dinner, and then giggled some more as I left with the crazy women that I have served with in numerous callings. I love Relief Society! There is nothing like it to become friends with women that I might not have another opportunity to meet and know. At a real sentimental part of the program, I looked around at all the women that I have grown to love and learn from, and I felt immense gratitude for that tremendous gift in my life. Tonight was another great reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and once again, it felt good to be a part of that wonderful Spirit.

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