Sunday, December 5, 2010


Another thing that doesn't work for me is thinking that there is only one way to be in areas of life that don't really matter. I think that that is one of the difficulties with the negative Molly Mormon definition. For me that kind of rigid thinking doesn't allow for unique differences that are okay and even much needed. It is our differences that create a wonderful variety.

I love what Elder Oaks taught about teaching. He encouraged us to teach principles rather that the dos and don'ts because the principles are universal but how they are applied will be up to individuals and families. I have to think it is taking my personal dos and don'ts in how I apply principles and then expecting other people do have the same checklist creates the climate of self righteous judgment that a negative Molly Mormon could be guilty of. Elder Oaks used the example of keeping the Sabbath Day holy. He encouraged us to teach the principles but avoid using a list of dos and don'ts because that will be up to each individual and family.

I want to give up rigid thinking that my way is the only way.

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