Tuesday, December 28, 2010


As I look back on my year of self-improvement and recognize my failings, I realize that a big part of the negative Molly Mormon definition is judgment and condemnation, which is something I have been guilty of. I've said this before but I am first hard on myself. Does our Heavenly Father condemn us? Helaman says that we condemn ourselves but that He does chasten us because He loves us. What is the difference between condemn and chasten? (Inquiring minds want to know) To me condemn seems like it is the final judgment that gives no hope, but chasten allows for opportunity to repent and do better, which is the good news of the gospel. The opportunity to learn from instead of being condemned gives me hope. I look back on this year and know that I have many regrets but those regrets don't have to condemn me. I can learn from them and thus feel like my mistakes can be a blessing.

Oh, and as pertaining to getting rid of the negative Molly Mormon attitude, I want to always remember that it isn't my job to chasten others, I will leave it to God and the natural consequences of sin.

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