Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Least Favorite Month of the Year

August is my least favorite month of the year because it is hot, rarely rains (I do love the rain), and by then I am ready to be back in school, get organized, and have structure again. I crave structure. I am a organized nerd and proud of it.

I also think my dislike for the hot month of August started when I was in my Mother's womb. I was born two weeks late on August 31, and I imagine my Mom was desperately miserable through the entire month, and I was right there suffering along with her and been suffering through August ever since. Not to mention that somewhere in my life I lost a natural zest for spontaneity and fun and staring taking life way too seriously.

Now on the eve of the first day of August of 2013, I want to change my mind set. I am setting the intention of having the most wonderful month ever. It is going to be the most spontaneous and joyful August ever and I am committing to blogging everyday this entire month recording the new shift I am making. Don't expect anything really grand because I really don't have to do much to improve my experience. I just got through cleaning my washing machine, and something tells me that there is a lot more spontaneous fun to be had than that.  

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