Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Day at the Movies

We had a fabulous afternoon at the Broadway Movie Theater in Salt Lake where they feature independent films. I have to say that I have grown weary of the mega action films that seem to be the rage. The action scenes that go on and on and on exhaust and bore me, and I am totally unimpressed and disinterested with the creativity that goes into developing those scenes. I crave films about relationships and deeper meaning, and that is what this theater offers. Yesterday we watched and cried through the movie Unfinished Song while we snacked on edamame and water. That is the other bonus of this theater--they offer healthier and more gourmet snacks--a great sound system and seating; not so much.  We then savored a tasty hamburger smothered in glazed onions from the Copper Onion restaurant right next door while waiting for the next movie that we wanted to see--Way Way Back, which we watched while sharing a bar of dark chocolate with orange pieces. Again another great movie that highlighted the tragedy of divorce and trying to blend second families interlaced with some laugh-out-loud humor. Back home again and we continued our desire to be entertained with watching several episodes of Parenthood from Netflix while snacking on homemade nachos (my personal favorite) and chia juice. It was a full and wonderful afternoon and evening of substantiating the importance of family relationships and commitment, and of course, eating.  What a great day.

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Lisa said...

I loved Unfinished Song AND Way Way Back. Why aren't we in the same town viewing these films together???