Friday, February 17, 2012

The Slippery Slope

I fell off the wagon! This is how it works. I was doing so well eating healthy and cutting way back on sugar. I felt great and my weight dropped. Then...I started to eat a little less healthy, and found it really didn't affect how I felt and didn't affect my weight. So I started to push it a little more and more until finally I was on the streets with a cardboard sign begging for sugar, completely back addicted to the sweet stuff and craving it all the time. Now my body hurts and my clothes are constrictive.

Well, like they say in my research methods and statistics classes, tests have to be replicated to be valid. I have managed to repeat my test of going on and off of healthy eating and now I can say conclusively that it just doesn't work for me to eat a lot of sweet stuff (tried to make that sound intelligent even though it really was a no brainer). It affects my body and how I feel emotionally. It also affects my relationships because my family gets a little embarrassed when I am outside the cupcake store begging.

Doing anything that is unhealthy is a slippery slope. At first just a few bites of cake doesn't seem that big of a deal. Okay a slice is still okay. A bigger slice isn't that bad. I'll stop at eating half the cake, and then before I know it I am licking crumbs off of a empty plate. Now you know why I haven't been posting. I've been doing what Marie Antoinette suggested.

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