Sunday, February 26, 2012

Church Lady

Speaking of laughing at myself. This character from Saturday Night Live is one of my favorites. My family would say this is me. I know that raising four comedic boys who are brutally sarcastic and have a sort of irreverent take on life has been interesting and sometimes I have been a little too serious and "spiritual" to compensate, even though they really inherited the sarcasm from me. I guess I felt kind of guilty for passing on that trait and so then I turned into Church Lady to redeem myself and show them how a "righteous person" should be when is all I did was give my boys more material.

It is interesting (for me anyway--you might have more excitement in your life) how I have been guilty of going to an opposite extreme to try and create balance, but in doing so I am personally out of balance. This would demonstrate my weakness of trying to fix someone else instead of being the best I can be and find my own personal best self through a healthy balance of fun and spiritual. How about spiritually fun?

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