Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creative Thinking

In my quest to be a little more creative, the best I could do is the baby step I took at church a week ago. I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting and realized I didn't have my glasses. That turned out to be a blessing to those in front of me because I couldn't see to sing, but I really wanted to be able to see for Sunday School and Young Women's so that I could look all righteous as I am following along in my scriptures. Mind you, I could have pretended but what if I got called on to read; it would have blown my image.

Anyway, at first I thought I only had two choices. 1. Go home and get my glasses or 2. Just feel my way to class and sit there with a blank stare on my face. Then I had a creative thought. Now this is newsworthy because I usually don't think out of the box very often. So, drum roll please...

I thought, "I bet there are reading glasses in the lost and found." There were and they even matched my outfit! TENDER MERCY! So I wore them for the rest of church and wondered who was looking at me thinking that they had a pair just like the glasses I have on that they had misplaced. Well, if you did then just know they are back in the lost and found; and know that I came home feeling a little more creative at problem solving. The blessings of church attendance.

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