Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Scriptures Fell Open-Truth Discovered

I usually read the scriptures every morning but how I read them changes depending on a quick feeling of inspiration. Sometimes I read the scriptures in order and sometime I read inspired words from talks that are considered scripture, and sometimes I just open the book and read randomly as I did today.

It was a tremendous tender mercy that produced tears of gratitude to read just one simple verse that had such a significant impact on me and that is just what I needed at the very moment. I can't deny that God loves me and that He is mindful of me and wants to bless me with truth that can change me and my experience. As I read those words, recent thoughts and experiences also validated that truth and helped me realize in a profound way that I had been prepared to learn that principle and given a simple little way to be reminded of it everyday.

I know this sounds vague but trust me that God does work little miracles in my life and I know that if I am prepared to receive the truth and spend some time everyday seeking for that truth found in scriptures, that I will be blessed to know. More importantly, I will be blessed to change my belief and then my behavior will automatically follow and ultimately relationships improve. Life is so much better when I rely on scriptures rather than my own unhealthy believes and practices. No I don't read the scriptures because I am righteous; I read them because I am wrongeous.  I need course correction everyday.

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