Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ordered Surroundings=Ordered Mind

I have exactly one week to go before my final presentation for my graduate project. I have learned a great deal about intrinsic motivation and optimal experience in education, but one of the most important rediscoveries I have made is the importance of order. In my focus for my project, it has been tempting to try and ignore messes and disorder but I realize, once again (being the remedial learner that I am), that it is hard to have an ordered mind when my surroundings are a mess. So whenever I feel confused or frustrated, I know it is time to take a minute and bring physical order to everything around me. It really does make a difference. So I just went and made my bed, cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen, and put away the stacks of books and papers I had scattered on my work table, and organized my desk, and now my brain can feel more relaxed and ordered.  Of course, there is only so much you can do with this brain of mine so there will never be enough physical order. Maybe that is why I am sort of OCD about organization. I am still trying hard to fix my brain.

I do find it interesting to note that before anything could be created when this world was made and even before there could be light, the first step was to organize. 

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