Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Obey Commandments-Prevent Addictions

This is the age of addictions. The best way to prevent an addiction that can take over someone's life is to obey the commandments. In  obedience; there is safety and peace. The commandments are not just Heavenly Father's way to control our lives or test us. He loves us and gives us commandments to protect us and provide the way to lasting joy and peace.  It is not a reward/punishment-based system inflicted on us by some outside authority, but one where a choice to obey naturally results in a positive outcome. Our choices naturally reward or punish us. A loving Heavenly Father would never hurt us. We can only do that to ourselves. But He will give us what we need to naturally find happiness. Keep the commandments and be grateful to Him for the blessings it brings.

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Lisa said...

I have a huge testimony of this booklet. Heavenly Father created our bodies and knows how the appetites and passions work so he directed the First Presidency very clearly on what to include in this booklet. It is kind of like an owner's manual for our bodies. I love it and I don't know where I would have been without it in raising our children.