Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Day of Rest?

Being a member of a church in which we all have callings and have large families, the Sabbath isn't really a day of rest as many would define rest. I usually don't get to sleep in or take a nap but one of the meanings of the word rest is to recharge, and that is exactly what it does for me.

I am still really busy on Sunday but it is a different kind of busy when I worship and reflect on all that has been done for me. It is also a great day to be with all the other people I worship with that I have grown to know and love in such a profound way. I am inspired and energized by their goodness and am grateful for all the inspiration that I receive from them and the opportunity to hopefully turn around and inspire others.

One luxury that does feel more like rest is that I get up early and spend some quality time soaking, relaxing, and reading in the tub where I get some of my best inspiration. I try to exercise all the other six days of the week, but on Sunday I do give my body a rest. A change is a rest, and on Sunday my whole routine changes and I am spending my day in church and then spending time with our family as we gather. I actually cook more on Sunday than any other day, but it is worth it to have my children come.

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