Monday, March 11, 2013

Sick Memories

This is a tray that from the time my children were little, I served them meals when they were sick. It is one of the few remnants from their childhood. (My boys are still in therapy because I gave away their Barbie dolls.) This coveted tray came in handy this week as the flu raged through our family. Kev ate a few meals off of it, Ashton did, and then Court came up to crash,; and I served her breakfast on it.

This tray also carried the delicious Mother's Day breakfasts that my children so lovingly served to me in bed. This tray holds a lot of wonderful memories. I was always sad when my kids were sick, but I did love making them beds on the couch and serving them a meal on this tray. It felt good to care for them, and I was always grateful for my full time job of homemaking. I will keep this tray because some day my kids might have to serve me a meal on it in the nursing home. I just hope that I have earned enough points that they put me in a good one.

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