Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plan Ahead

Everything goes better when I plan ahead. One of the things that was so beneficial when all of my children were young is that I was always forced to plan ahead. Since it was a big production to ever try to go to the grocery store for any last minute items, I had to always have things on hand and have a plan. For example, I always had a stock of at least two of everything so that when the first would run out, I had back up and would automatically put it on my list so that I always had extra. With a family of eight, I also had to have a detailed calendar to keep track of all our plans.

Fast forward to empty nesting, and it isn't as crucial to plan so efficiently. I have more discretionary and spontaneous time but what that means is that life can be a little too unplanned and then I'm not as efficient as I could or want to be. I do realize now more than ever, however, how much wiggle room needs to be available for spontaneous connection with family and friends. So I must find that balance of having a good plan but being flexible enough to adjust the plan. Like today. Kev had another man cold and I had to be on high emergency alert ready to call 911 at any moment. We even talked funeral plans just in case he didn't survive.

 I love the weeks when I sit down and plan ahead to make time with my family and friends. For me, the better I plan, the more I enjoy my life. I was almost going to say the more I accomplish; but I am realizing a joyful life isn't about accomplishments, it's about relationships. I didn't stick to my plan today or  really accomplish anything, but I had a great time being a nurse for a critically ill patient and watching movies with him.

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