Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Artistry of Disneyland

I have just spent the last few days at Disneyland with my son Jordan and his twin five-year-olds. Yes, it is crowded and the lines are long, but I love Disneyland. Disneyland and I were born in the same year so we go way back. Not only do I love being with my son and granddaughters and watching them have fun and enjoy all that it has to offer, I also enjoy all the wonderful artistic beauty. It really does exemplify a passion for creativity and charm. Everywhere I look, there is detail that denotes someones artistic passion that goes beyond a desire to just make a profit. My creative heart leaps for joy when I see the gardens and the architecture.  Not only was my heart leaping, but the girls and I did our share of leaping to the music and heal clicking as we hurried from ride to ride.

Not only did I get a abundant helping of artistic inspiration at the parks and hotel we stayed in, but my creative juices were stirred at the John Wayne airport. There was a display of children's books and some of the original artwork from the pages of the books were matted, framed, and hung above the books. I love children's books and thought I adequately appreciated the illustrations, but seeing them in their original form in unique frames took my appreciation to a whole new level. The paintings were exquisite. I feel like my trip was not only a fun adventure with my kids, but I also feel like "I got me some of that there culture stuff." Not to mention the benefits of studying human behavior. That is a post in and of itself.

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