Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I had a thought this morning that I knew was truth. I have a tendency to feel like I am being judged if I want someone to blame for possible internal conflict. If someone judges me unrighteously and I have confidence in who I am and what I do, then their judgment won't convict me and it naturally sloughs off. It is only when their judgment hits that same cord that is tied to my own internal sense of guilt that it becomes painful. I can take someone's judgment as a way to do a healthy self analysis and if it isn't true then I can discard it without feeling bad about myself or the need for the retaliation of reverse judgment. If it is a truth that I need to take a look at, then I can be grateful for that wake up call. I can choose to be a situational teflon pan. When it something I need to work on, I will let it stick. If not, I will let it slide right out of my life, without letting it affect how I feel about myself or that other person. I certainly don't want to resort to reverse judgment by judging someone else when I feel unrighteously judged by them. It is interesting how that can so easily happen.

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