Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thirst masked as Hunger

They (the lab coat guys) say that are bodies are thirsty but we are tricked into eating instead of realizing that what we really need is water. That happens with people and relationships. I read in a text book (the author also probably wears a lab coat) I was studying that people who have difficulties attaching are more vulnerable to abusing alcohol because the affects of alcohol replicate the good, peaceful feelings that come from close relationships and emotional connection. Just like we are tricked into eating when we just need moisture (the name we use for water in our prayers at church), we can also be tricked in seeking the comfort we need in drugs, alcohol, food, chocolate, facebook, or anything that brings people together in anonymous groups going through 12 steps.

Okay, so instead of reaching for that whole bag of peanut m & m's (and it becomes the whole bag because if it isn't what I really need with just a few then I will consume the entire bag thinking maybe that last blue one will really make me feel better), or zoning out in front of facebook, or any other addictive habit (Not sufficient time to list them all): I will ask myself, "What do I really need?"

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