Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thought to Remember

I was touched by the message on the bumper sticker that President Urchdorf shared, "Don't judge me because my sins are different than yours." Knowing that we all sin and fall short is no new revelation, but how that plays out and what I do about it is something I need to always remember.

I have loved studying Human Development and one thing that I now know that I didn't often realize when I was prone to judge other people's choices is how we tend to make choices and do things that we hope will alleviate our pain and suffering. Some of us can do things that don't seem like as big of a sin or damaging (sin is really only that which we do that harms us and alienates us from God), while others do things that seem blatantly destructive to themselves and others. And let's face it, everyone's pain is different and it seems the bigger the pain, the more drastic the way to deal with that pain.

I recognize that I use eating and especially sugar as a form of comfort to alleviate pain. Because my pain isn't that great, sugar seems sufficient and I head down to Neilson's Frozen Custard to cope, and can still think that I am "righteous."

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