Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Take It Personally

If anyone reading this blog has noticed, I try hard to always put my thoughts based on my experience and what I have discovered about me and what I need to work on. I use to have a bad habit of focusing on what is wrong outside of myself and especially our society, but it feels so much better to focus on what is right or wrong about me and my beliefs and behaviors. It really is true that I tend to notice what is wrong outside myself when it is really something that is wrong about me. Years of trial and error (mostly error) has taught me that I really can't change something or someone else, I can only change me. I learned a valuable lesson from an acquaintance years ago who course corrected me when I started to speak of what is wrong with some aspect of our society or culture. She boldly taught me that it is best to focus on my own problems. So now if I do see something out there that is troubling me, I realize it is probably just a mirror helping me recognize some sin in me. What I think I need to fix "out there" is really something I need to fix inwardly.

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