Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Biggest Loser

I love watching the biggest loser; especially while I am exercising--it makes me work harder. One of the aspects I love about the program is how they connect emotional issues with the weight problem. I have to admire these people that are willing to go on TV and bare their souls and help the rest of us realize that there is usually some kind of pain behind our weaknesses, and that the emotional pain needs to be addressed before we can move forward and make long-term behavioral changes.

Dealing with emotional pain doesn't mean I blame and get angry with those that might have contributed to that heartache, but that I acknowledge that pain and realize that I must now take responsibility for healing from it so that I don't engage in dysfunctional behavior to try and cope (like overeating, overshopping, and a whole other list of ways I can indulge or escape).


Lisa said...

This is addiction recovery program in a nutshell....figuring out what is the root of the behavior and then allowing the Atonement help fix it. I never miss an episode of Biggest Loser. Love it!

Tanya said...

Good point Lisa. I always want to remember that I can't adequately fix anything. Only the Atonement can.