Monday, January 13, 2014

Question Authority

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in my recent education was that parents and educators aren't always the best and only authority on what is important for a child.  That is not to say that they can have some great advice and give much needed direction. It is just that the final authority for any of us is the inner workings of our heart as directed by the Holy Spirit.

That is also true when dealing with the medical profession or even religious leaders. It is important to question; not in a defiant and untrusting sort of way, but it a way to gain more information and clarity as we seek for inner guidance and substaniation instead of blindly following what we are told.

I love what I learned in an exercise class one day. At the end of intense aerobics exercise workout, instead of leading us in a pre subscribed series of stretching exercises, the instructor told us to tune into our bodies and feel what part needed to be stretched. I loved that. It made me reflect on how often I just follow the instructions and what others think I should do and not feeling it for myself. (So I tuned in and my body was asking for chocolate.)

Of course, as I say this, I also realize there are always people who are stubborn and naturally resist any outside advice and direction, even if it is something that will be valuable. They can be defiant just to be defiant.  This advice wouldn't apply to those on the opposite side of the compliant dimension because they might need to be more humble and be willing to listen and learn from outside authority. This is only for those like me who are natural rule followers who are afraid to question people in authority. It is a reminder that being too far in any direction is off base and that balance is always important.

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