Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Movie Night

We went to see this movie with our son, Jordan. Powerful and very moving. I cried and thought deeply about so many lessons it portrayed. Childhood wounds that could have been the catalyst for the characters portrayed in the shadows in this picture of Walt Disney and the author of the books, Mary Poppins. The movie highlighted how different the response to being hurt can be.  I loved this film and any film that  touches my emotions and in which I come away with wanting to be a better person.

On our anniversary, we also saw another powerful movie. Philomena. It spoke of the horrific ramifications of a religious people taking on the role of judging and seeking their own kind of punishment for people's sins. I couldn't help but see how when people try and live according to what is expected of them without experiencing joy, then they will resent others who haven't made those same kind of sacrifices and want to force them to suffer.

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