Friday, March 25, 2011

What Steven Tyler has taught me

Life has a way of teaching some essential lessons. My experiences have taught me to look beyond people's appearance and even their behavior and look at their heart. I have to say that when I first saw Steven Tyler at the beginning of this current American Idol season and saw the bleeping of his foul language, I kind of went back to my old rigid programming and automatically thought I wouldn't like this guy. I have since learned how dramatically wrong I was to base my judgment on his appearance or even on his foul language. I have since learned to love this guy because I took the time to notice what a kind and compassionate heart he has and I really enjoy what he has to say. No, I still don't have to like the foul language but I realize that that isn't who he is and that it pales in comparison to the greater good that he does. I also have found it interesting how much that foul language has diminished.

Now here's what I know to be true. Within everyone is some goodness and I would do so much better to look for and focus on the good part. Not only will it bless those that I come into contact with but it will give me more faith that others will do the same for me. Thank you Seven Tyler for teaching me.

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