Friday, March 11, 2011

Visiting Teaching

I just got a new visiting teaching partner and new sisters to visit. Because I don't want to be one of those visiting teachers that annoyingly imposes my needs on the people I am "suppose" to be serving, a sent out an email to better know what their needs are. I wanted to share the email message I just sent them.

Blankety Blank and I are your new visiting teachers. Go ahead and do a little celebratory dance and I will wait a minute. Seriously though, we want to know how to best meet your needs, however that is. Please check all that apply:

1. A home 3 hour visit with flannel board presentation, role playing, testimony meeting, handouts, etc. If 3 hours of church on Sunday is good then another 3 hours in the month would be even better. Extra Credit, you know.
2. A short home visit with abbreviated message. Let us know if you want to cover all the ward gossip.
3. Brief 2 minute visit on your porch with a treat to show how much we really care and value you as an intimate friend.
4. A cute, catchy note and a treat left on your porch. Don't check this one if you have a dog that might eat up the evidence of how really thoughtful we are.
5. A phone call that can either be actually talking to you or just a voice message. You might want to elaborate on how extensive the message should be. Do you want the VT message or just a quick Howdy Hi Ho?
6. An email message with cute Youtube videos inserts to add to the message
7. A text message with or without abbreviated spelling. U no, lol.
8. An actual face to face greeting at church with or without eye contact. Specify your preference.
9. A wave and a smile across the chapel at church. Let us know where you normally sit so we don't have to scan the whole audience--that would be too much effort.
10. A quick drive by your house and honk. Maybe a time of day preference.
or my personal favorite
11. Meet for lunch.
Seriously though, let us know what best meets your needs. Love ya, Tanya

I just realized that I forgot to include a face book message option. How silly of me!


Jan Best said...

Whoa...I see myself in almost everyone of these excluding the drive by...never thought of that. Love ya.

Beth said...

That is awesome! I think I am going to print this out and bring it to church.
Do not tell on me though but I have not been called as a visiting teacher in my ward. It's great. I think they know that building scheduler is enough for me!

Matt and Jade said...

I'm curious on what did she pick? I love the lunch one too! You can visit, eat, and get to know her well.

yvonne said...

i want number 11...always. anything that needs to be said can always be said better when there's food around.