Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Okay, I miss doing this blog every day. What I miss the most is the pictures that show up when I google a certain topic. Today when I googled "uncomfortable" I got this gem and had to share because it made me laugh.

The quest I have been on this new year isn't about self improvement but it is about more self awareness and discovering truth. The truth about myself and how I am in or out of line with truth. I have come to really understand and now believe is that I don't want to be on a quest for self improvement, just that quest for truth--the truth that resides deep in side of me that is connected with my Heavenly Father. As I align myself with truth and the author of all truth, self improvement will take care of itself.

One thing that I know is true is that I will feel uncomfortable when I am living in a way that is out of line with truth. I have become more aware of when I feel uncomfortable and see it as a sign that it is not in harmony with my true self. I have discovered that having too much fat on my body is uncomfortable. Feelings of hate and bitterness is uncomfortable. Focusing too much on worldly things is uncomfortable. I am committed to seeking that which feels comfortable with my authentic self and not with the bad habits that I have gotten use to.

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