Sunday, March 27, 2011

Also Remember This

At the same time that I want to remember how good it feels after I go swimming, I also need to remember how lousy I feel after downing a half of bag of these. It seems like a cruel trick that the things we do that feel so temporarily wonderful and luscious will ultimately haunt us later on, and the things that are so great for us in the long run, are more difficult and take much more willpower to make ourselves do it. Heaven knows there is no willpower involved in being able to rip open a bag of chocolates and downing them, one right after another after another after another (you get the picture).

The key for me is to remember the past results, and to realize that no it's not going to be different this time. I am going to still feel great if I do something that is good for me And I am still going to feel lousy if I do something that is bad for me. No matter how many times I keep experimenting with that bag of chocolates, I am still going to get the same results. Face it, Tanya, you are an idiot if you keep trying to get different results.

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truss said...

...and don't forget the "sweet smell of success".....chlorine perfume! You are wonderful